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ROUND RUBY | Necklace in rhodium plated Sterling Silver

ROUND RUBY | Necklace in rhodium plated Sterling Silver
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This Rhodium plated Sterling Silver necklace features a round cut faceted Ruby.
The Ruby is intensely vibrant red to pink and it has the top quality rating AAA.

Ruby facts:
The Ruby is one of the four genuine Precious Stones.
It's the most expensive of all gems other than the rare red variety of diamonds.
Rubies satisfy all the hallmarks of value: Rarity, durability and beauty.
Rubies accord wisdom, happiness and health to the wearer.
They are also known for maintaining balance in love.
Ruby is a symbol of everything royal from dignity to power and passion.
Rubies are said to protect the wearer from sorrow of false friendships.
They are used to strengthen the heart, increase circulation and improve digestion.
The Ruby is the birthstone of the ones born in July.

Rhodium facts:
The precious metal Rhodium is twice as valuable as Gold and it gives this ring an elegant and outstanding look.
It prevents tarnishing of the Silver and is commonly used in plating of white gold in wedding bands for example.
Due to a speciality technique it can be darkened to display this stunning contrasting look of a dark grey metal, called Black Rhodium.
However, Black Rhodium is not quite as hard as white Rhodium and if this ring is to be worn daily it may need to be re-plated occasionally.
Pearls are natural objects and also demand gentle handling, i.e. it’s generally advised taking jewellery with pearls off for washing up or cleaning the house.
My thick-layered Rhodium plating is always preceded by a layer of Palladium, another precious metal of the Platinum family, which increases
the plating durability and won’t cause any allergies as for instance the common practice of pre-plating with nickel under Rhodium would.

The necklace is 50 cm long.
The Ruby is 4 mm in diameter.
The pendant has a total length of 15 mm.