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Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein
Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein

My name is Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein and I make Jewellery.

Really. I don't just re-sell mass-produced brands.
The items that you see here are made one time only.

I find it important to know that each piece is unique.
Just like a person. 

I was born in Portugal, moved to Germany, where I studied fine Arts and learned my craft and also have a degree in 3-D Design.

Since four years I enjoy living in East Yorkshire.

In my designs I incorporate experiences and influences of cultures from around the world.

I began designing and handcrafting since I was a little girl, later I started jewellery for the love of Art itself.

I just love creating something special for someone special.

Each jewellery piece is an expression of myself and a reflection of nature especially the extraordinary beauty of gemstones.

I only use genuine materials. From earthy corals and shells to elegant pearls, crystals, semi precious stones and silver.

As precious metal I tend to prefer silver, but I also have a great variety of gold and gold-plated works.

I love using precious stones, but there is a great variety of semi precious materials I hand-select myself from all over the world.

The style is elegant, feminine, classy and modern.

I would like you to enjoy my work and come back for more if you wish.

If you require a special item that is not on my page I am happy to custom-make one for you or your loved one, perfectly fitting to an outfit or complexion

Just give me a ring, text or email, click here for my contact page (mail@adfk.co.uk)

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