Beauty around your neck - Bespoke, elegant, stylish unique and feminine.
It seems, these adorns were around since humanity came into existence approximately 100,000 years ago.
75,000 years is the oldest known necklace (found in a cave in South Africa and made of sea shells).
But the ancient Egyptians (3000 years ago) drove the cult around the neck to perfection.
Ever since this beautiful kind of jewellery has enhanced the complexion of faces and bosoms (depending how long they are worn) around the world.
Necklaces can be chains of precious metal or precious stones, but mostly both.
The secret lies in the quality of the parts, the sizes of the different arrangements and its over-all composition.
A perfect necklace excites both when viewed from near and far and matches the style of the woman to the tee.

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THE GRAND TOUR | Gold Intaglio necklace with Sapphire

This solid Gold necklace features an Intaglio with a round smooth blue Sapphire, depicting the ancient Greek Hermes, Aphrodite and their son. It pay..

£600 Ex Tax: £600

OLIVE LEAF | Silver necklace with a Turquoise in a Gold bezel Made to order (2-3 weeks)

OLIVE LEAF | Silver necklace with a Turquoise in a Gold bezel

This handmade Sterling Silver necklace pays homage to the the beauty of the olive tree (Olea europaea). Suspended on an elegant round ball chain this..

£200 Ex Tax: £200

BLUE HEARTED PENGUIN | Solid Gold necklace with Sapphire Made to order (2-3 weeks)

BLUE HEARTED PENGUIN | Solid Gold necklace with Sapphire

This necklace carries a hand carved penguin with a facetted dark blue Sapphire at its heart. Seeing the wonderful penguins in the underwater centre ’..

£290 Ex Tax: £290

PINCH ME | Sterling Silver necklace with Crab Claw

I collected this beautiful crab claw on my favourite beach near Lisbon. It reminds me of my Portuguese maritime heritage and it is a strong symbol fo..

£130 Ex Tax: £130

TANZANITE DROP | Necklace in Sterling Silver with large Tanzanite (sold) Sold | Ask for quote

TANZANITE DROP | Necklace in Sterling Silver with large Tanzanite (sold)

A large drop-shaped Tanzanite pendant is the centre piece of this Sterling Silver necklace. The stunning stone is polished and exhibits interesting d..

£200 Ex Tax: £200

BLUE DROP | Gold Necklace with London Topaz (wie besprochen per Express)

The drop shaped London Blue Topaz catches the eye on this solid Gold necklace. The superb AAA-quality and facetted cut bring out its wonderful blue c..

£320 Ex Tax: £320

SWEET TEDDYBEAR | Solid Gold necklace with blue Topaz

This elegant gold necklace features a sweet Teddy bear holding a Swiss Blue Topaz Cabochon. The surface of the bear has a brushed finish contrasting ..

£420 Ex Tax: £420

SPINNING DIAMOND | Solid 18K Gold necklace

This solid 18 carat Gold necklace features a round Diamond seemingly spinning inside an oval circle. The movable pendant is suspended on a beaut..

£1,350 Ex Tax: £1,350

PURPLE DREAM | Amethyst Gold necklace with Citrines

Each individual link of this lavish Gold necklace has been handcrafted into unique circles. Luxuriously sized and extraordinarily cut faceted Amethys..

£1,450 Ex Tax: £1,450

BLOSSOMING TWIG | Solid Gold necklace with Sky Blue Topaz

This 9ct solid Gold necklace features a blossoming twig set with a faceted drop shaped AAA Sky Blue Topaz. It is a one of a kind piece, made in my go..

£890 Ex Tax: £890

YELLOW DIAMOND CIRCLES | Solid Gold necklace

This solid Gold necklace carries an exquisite Yellow diamond on two intertwined circles. Handcrafted work by goldsmith Alexandra da Fonseca-Klein mad..

£520 Ex Tax: £520

PORTUGUESE PINE CONE | Solid sterling silver necklace

An alluring, pine cone inspired sterling silver pendant featuring delicate, scale-shaped details is the centre piece of this unusual necklace. The el..

£130 Ex Tax: £130

CRYSTALS OF VENUS | Rutilated Quartz necklace set in Sterling Silver

This handcrafted necklace is made of Golden Rutilated Quartz and solid Sterling Silver. Its individually shaped free-form elements show a notably cle..

£330 Ex Tax: £330

MOSS AQUAMARINE | Solid Gold necklace

Each circular link of this solid 9 carat yellow Gold necklace has been crafted individually and linked by hand. The six onion-shaped Moss Aquamarines..

£1,500 Ex Tax: £1,500

FANCY TOURMALINE | Sterling Silver necklace with a large Pink Tourmaline

This elegant necklace features a handmade solid Sterling Silver fancy pendant holding a large faceted Pink Tourmaline. The surface of both the pendan..

£190 Ex Tax: £190

PERIDOTS WITH BIWA PEARL | Necklace with Gold details

This handcrafted necklace consists of faceted rhombs and smooth round Peridots in the exquisite AAA quality. They’re said to radiate in the most lusc..

£170 Ex Tax: £170

CROCODILE BITES RUBY | Black Sterling Silver necklace

This Sterling Silver necklace features a crocodile head with a unique freeform rough Ruby in its mouth. It is suspended on a polished ball chain. Th..

£140 Ex Tax: £140

LITTLE GIRL WITH BASKET | Sterling Silver necklace partially Gold plated

 This handcrafted Sterling Silver necklace features a round pendant showing an embossed little girl with a basket. It’s a Victorian image of..

£100 Ex Tax: £100

TWO HEARTS | Sterling Silver necklace with Rose Gold

This handcrafted Sterling Silver necklace features a round pendant with two hearts that have been embossed. The Hearts are joined and inlaid with 18 ..

£130 Ex Tax: £130

ALL OF THE OCEAN’S WATERS | Aquamarine necklace with Sterling Silver works

 Genuine Aquamarine, cut to 48 smooth spheres and adorned with Sterling Silver, make up this lavish necklace. The colours resemble all of th..

£780 Ex Tax: £780

BLACK CHAMELEON | Sterling Silver necklace with gemstone option

 The Chameleon necklace is handcrafted solid Sterling Silver and is also available with a gemstone. It can be oxidised, which is the black S..

£150 Ex Tax: £150