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This 18K solid Gold necklace features a gorgeous drop shaped cultured freshwater Pearl. This in turn hosts a round, faceted, sparkling green Peridot at its centre set in its own 18ct Gold bed. It’s an unusual Pearl that's one of a kind, very rare and organically beautiful carrying magnificent lustre. An intricately handcrafted trace chain made of 18 carat yellow Gold completes the ensemble. Pr..
These are handcrafted Sterling Silver cufflinks with real Peacock Pearls. Colour hues of purple and blue alternate in these naturally grown jewels. Due to their ideal shape they are called button pearls. Fastened to a robust Rolo-style chain, these cufflinks embody masculinity and show attention to detail.Measurements: The button Peacock Pearls have a diameter of 10.3mm. The cuf..
This solid Gold Pin depicts a hand carved bird sitting on a a garden twig. A gorgeous Tahitian pearl with love hearts, one on each side, is suspended from it on a double chain. It is the Pearl’s natural colour that makes it so special and rare. It shows a silver to very dark grey gradient and has natural ripples. This unique work has been handcrafted from 9ct solid Yellow Gold in my workshop i..
A pair of enchanted seahorses are holding a mesmerising freeform Watermelon Tourmaline slice and an elegant Pearl. This necklace has been handcrafted in solid 14ct yellow Gold. Running alongside its stylish chain there are three faceted Tourmaline roundells in green, pink and yellow, which are interlinked by Gold circles, giving this chain a dangly, playful factor.The inspiration for this n..
 This is a handcrafted Gold vermeil necklace featuring a unique oval Rainbow Moonstone on a beautiful italian seed chain. This stone has a quality rating of AAA with a wonderful depth and intense blue shimmer.Moonstone is said to have magic properties and it is the epiphany of mystical stone. In many cultures, for example in India, it is worshipped as holy gemstone. In India, Moons..
 This is a made to order Mistletoe sprig necklace that will be handcast in Sterling Silver and featuring a blue shimmering Rainbow Moonstone. The pendant is suspended on an elegant sphere chain, also made of Sterling Silver.Legend has it that a man is allowed and has to kiss any woman standing underneath a mistletoe and the woman should not refuse this, or otherwise this will cast a..
This triple necklace features a stunning free-form Pearl on chains made of Pearls and Gold, made to order for you. These freshwater Pearls have outstanding quality and they are connected by handcrafted 14k Gold chain links. The free form Pearl is one of a kind, very rare and exudes a beautiful natural lustre. The necklace starts as a one strand chain and then branches into a larger triple ..
 This is a handcrafted Gold vermeil bracelet featuring two different translucent gemstones, the Moonstone and the Labradorite. Twenty faceted, opaque bluish shimmering Madagascar Labradorite roundels have been hand-knotted using Gold vermeil chain links. Gold vermeil is Sterling Silver with a thick coating of 24K Gold. As a centre piece it features a large drop shaped rose cut Rainbow ..
 This Pearl ring is a geometric construction handcrafted of Black Rhodium plated Sterling Silver. It balances an extraordinarily high quality white round freshwater Pearl, the quality rating is AAA. The ring consists of an inside round frame and an edgy outside frame, where the top plays the platform for the single round white Pearl.The sparkling beauty of the Pearl has been cherish..
 For this necklace I cast a vertebrae bone of a mink from an old collection in Sterling Silver. I love natural shapes and I couldn’t have imagined a more stunning shaped sculpture. It carries a Freshwater Button Peacock Pearl, which shimmers in the most amazing purple and blue colours and has an excellent lustre. The high quality Sterling Silver chain has been rhodium plated...
 This handmade necklace features natural free-form multi coloured Umba Sapphires linked with freshwater Biwa Pearls. These precious stones have the immaculate quality AAA. The whole piece is handcrafted in Sterling Silver and the beautiful oval clasp has a brushed finish.The Umba Sapphire is a unique type of fancy Sapphire that has been mined in East Africa only since the 1950&rsquo..
 This is a unique double necklace made of elegant facetted Emeralds and genuine freshwater Pearls. It features a handcrafted wrought pendant in Rhodium plated solid Sterling Silver with an interesting hammered surface. Two other beautifully green Gemstones are set into the pendant, a round Jade and an oval Chrysoprase cabochon. This composition is a personal translation of the Amazon f..
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