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This handcrafted Sterling Silver ring holds a fabulous Emerald, oval shaped and facetted. The natural Silver surface has a finely brushed texture. Created in my Silversmithing studio in Yorkshire, this is a one of a kind ring. Emerald is the birthstone of May and one of the 4 genuine precious stones, together with the Diamond, the Ruby and the Sapphire.Measurements: Oval Emerald: 10mm x 7..
 This necklace holds beautiful Colombian shaded Emeralds inside of a glass keepsake vial. The lid of the pendant and the chain is made of genuine Sterling Silver. The faceted Emeralds have the exquisite quality rating AAA.The Incas and Aztecs, in whose former realm the best Emeralds are still found today, regarded the it as holy gemstone. However, the oldest known finds were once m..
 This is a unique double necklace made of elegant facetted Emeralds and genuine freshwater Pearls. It features a handcrafted wrought pendant in Rhodium plated solid Sterling Silver with an interesting hammered surface. Two other beautifully green Gemstones are set into the pendant, a round Jade and an oval Chrysoprase cabochon. This composition is a personal translation of the Amazon f..
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