Classic earrings, studs or creoles, they're all: Beauty for your ear!
Adorns for the earlobe are known since the stone age.
How about some new ones?
A woman should have a few sets to choose from, if you ask me.
Made in Sterling Silver or Gold, my creations don't cause allergies.

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OCTOPUS | Sterling Silver earrings with a Sapphire

These are handcrafted solid Sterling Silver earrings with long hooks and a Sapphire. As part of my ‘Inspired by the sea’ series they have the surface..


OLIVE LEAVES | Gold earrings with yellow & grey Diamonds

Sparkling yellow and silver grey diamonds are set in this pair of Gold earrings. Inspired by the twigs of the Olive trees in my mother’s garden in Li..


17 SAPPHIRES IN FILIGREE | Earrings in Black Rhodium/Sterling Silver

This pair of Sterling Silver earrings each have 17 gorgeous blue Sapphires, which are oblong shaped and set into a playful drop-shaped Filigree patte..


AQUAMARINE SPHERES | Ear studs in solid Gold

These elegant ear studs feature bright blue smooth round Aquamarine spheres set in 9ct Gold. The Aquamarines in these earrings have the exclusive qua..


RUBIES IN FILIGREE | Sterling Silver earrings

This pair of Silver earrings feature ten extraordinary Rubies each. They are set into a unique drop-shaped Filigree pattern. The central large Ruby ..


AMETHYST SQUARED | Solid Gold ear studs

Clear and distinctively, in these ear studs two square-cut Amethysts are set in Gold. They are beautifully facetted and have the exquisite quali..


SQUARES IN A CIRCLE │ Sterling Silver or White Gold

These beautiful, classic earrings feature a square tiled pattern across the whole of the round dome of the earring. The polished surface is counterba..


Trapeze│Sterling Silver earrings

These trapeze-like solid Sterling Silver earrings with a hammered surface are elegantly simple and understated and can be dressed up or down no matter..


FIBONACCI SPIRAL | Earrings handmade in Sterling Silver

These handmade earrings feature the Golden Ratio also known as the Fibonacci Spiral. They are solid hammered Sterling Silver, but still light weight,..


MOSS AQUAMARINE | Solid Gold earrings

These are handcrafted Moss Aquamarine earrings in solid 9ct Gold. They are onion-shaped, facetted to sparkle beautifully and have the exquisite AAA q..


CIRCLING KYANITES | Dangly earrings in Sterling Silver Sold | Ask for quote

CIRCLING KYANITES | Dangly earrings in Sterling Silver

These are round Sterling Silver earrings each featuring a smooth round Kyanite in the exquisite AAA quality. These Kyanites, which exhibit an unusual..


CARVED EMERALD TEARS | Earrings set in Sterling Silver

 These are genuine Emerald hand carved earrings showing a spectacular saturated green colour set in Sterling Silver. They feature lovely flo..


AQUAMARINE EXCLAMATION | Sterling Silver earrings (sold out) Sold | Ask for quote

AQUAMARINE EXCLAMATION | Sterling Silver earrings (sold out)

 Water blue, sparkling and shiny, these long Sterling Silver earrings have the shape of exclamation marks. They each feature georgeous oval ..


AMETHYST EXCLAMATION | Earrings in Sterling Silver

 These are long Sterling Silver earrings drawing attention vividly purple round facetted African Amethysts. The shape resembles exclamation ..


LITTLE HONEYCOMBS | Ear studs in Sterling Silver

 These Sterling Silver ear studs feature a honeycomb inspired structure, designed by bees. They have been created and hand cast in my worksh..


TRUE SILVER | Earrings in brushed Sterling Silver

 These dangly Sterling Silver earrings have been meticulously handcrafted out of each 5 individually created chain links. Each circle has be..


PRINCESS SWISS BLUE TOPAZ | Ear studs set in 9 K Gold (Made to order)

Swiss Blue faceted Topas ear studs set in 9ct Gold and faceted in the elegant princess cut. The precious stones are square shaped and held in a gal..


PRINCESS PERIDOT | 9ct Gold ear studs (made to order)

 These are made to order 9ct Gold ear studs each featuring a princess cut square Peridot in top AAA quality. Peridot is a lush green semi-pr..


POPPYSEED HEADS | Sterling Silver earrings (made to order)

 These earrings each feature a head of a natural poppy seed that has been cast by hand in solid Sterling Silver.They are natural seed pod..


LONG CURVED TWIGS | Sterling Silver earrings (made to order)

 These long solid Sterling Silver earrings are cast twigs from Raywell forest that is near my workshop in Yorkshire. They have a stud fasten..


SEAHORSES | Sterling Silver earrings (made to order)

 This is a pair of adorable seahorses hand cast in Sterling Silver, made to order. They’re a new addition to my 'Under Water&rsquo..