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July - RUBY

This organically shaped ring features 5 Rubies embedded in its chunky Sterling Silver body. Each Ruby is deep red and has a square princess cut. Ruby is one of the 4 real precious stones and the birthstone of July.Dimensions: The Rubies have an edge length of 2mm. The ring is 8mm wide at the top and goes to 3.5mm at the bottom. The thickness varies between 3.3mm and 1.7mm.Ring size: ..
This Sterling Silver necklace features a crocodile head with a unique freeform rough Ruby in its mouth. It is suspended on a polished ball chain. The rough uncut Ruby is completely natural, unheated and untreated. Its colour is truly vibrantly red to pink.The necklace and the crocodile has been treated to look black using an ancient technique. The spheres of the necklace shimmer slightly i..
 A vibrant, oval Ruby is embedded in this handcrafted twig ring that has been cast into solid Sterling Silver. The sheer beauty of nature’s design of its bark is left untouched. The inside is naturally smoothened and very comfortable to wear. This faceted Ruby is of the exquisite quality AAA. The colour is uniquely intensive red. The Ruby is one of the four genuine Precious Sto..
 This Rhodium plated Sterling Silver necklace features a round cut faceted Ruby. The Ruby is intensely vibrant red to pink and it has the top quality rating AAA.Ruby facts: The Ruby is one of the four genuine Precious Stones. It's the most expensive of all gems other than the rare red variety of diamonds. Rubies satisfy all the hallmarks of value: Rarity, durability and beauty..
 This is an open brushed Sterling Silver ring with two precious stones on each tip,a beautifully red Ruby on one end and a gorgeously purple Amethyst on the other end, both in the exquisite quality AAA.This ring can be adjusted in size to your finger or worn on different fingers and opposite directions due to its open architecture.The brushed texture is also smooth to the touc..
 Beautiful oval faceted Ruby set in Sterling Silver on a super smooth wraparound-your-finger ring.Due to its open design this ring will embrace your finger smoothly and it can be worn with the Ruby towards the tip of the finger or the other way round.It has a light brushed effect finish.Also, due to its open built, it can be worn on different fingers and is quite adaptable in ..
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