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ADFK for men

This is a pair of personalised solid 925 Sterling Silver shirt stiffeners with individual engraving.You can specify your engraving wishes when you place your order. I will then confirm the details with you by email, phone or WhatsApp. New: You can now have both sides engraved and also choose a stronger version with 1mm.Measurements: 65mm x 10mm x 0.8 mm...
This ring is something for dog lovers. Handcrafted in Sterling Silver it features the head of a Terrier, embossed and 24ct Gold plated.Our friends’ dog Frida, herself a Parson Russell Terrier, has inspired me to create this piece. She is such a joy to be with and clearly never runs out of energy. Like her this ring shows confidence and presence. You can use it as a seal ring to finish off..
These are handcrafted Sterling Silver cufflinks with real Peacock Pearls. Colour hues of purple and blue alternate in these naturally grown jewels. Due to their ideal shape they are called button pearls. Fastened to a robust Rolo-style chain, these cufflinks embody masculinity and show attention to detail.Measurements: The button Peacock Pearls have a diameter of 10.3mm. The cuf..
This is a Black Rhodium plated solid Sterling Silver ring with a matt finish. It has a Court profile shape that is comfortable to wear.The precious metal Rhodium is twice as valuable as Gold and it gives this ring an elegant and outstanding look. It prevents tarnishing of the Silver and is commonly used in plating of white gold in wedding bands for example. Due to a speciality technique it ..
 This double Sterling Silver necklace features a curved disc with two angels on each side to protect its wearer as a talisman. It has a two tone black and white design, even the chain is kept in a two colour contrast. The black silver has been etched and oxidised partially using traditional silversmithing techniques. The curvature gives the pendant a threedimensional appearance and hen..
These cufflinks have been silversmithed out of solid Sterling Silver and pay homage to golf balls. The surface is polished and also matte in the dimples, giving them a deep threedimensional appearance. They are held in place on the shirt with a strong chain to the lathed holding rod.Measurements: The golf ball half rounds are 14 mm in diameter and 6 mm thick. The holding rod measures 17.7 ..
 This large ring has been handcrafted from a rough Yorkshire twig, cast into solid Sterling Silver. The sheer beauty of nature’s design of its bark is left untouched. The inside is naturally smoothened and very comfortable to wear.Measurements: This ring is in average 6.5 mm wide and 4.3 mm strong.Ring size: This unique ring is a UK size V, US size 10 3/4, it has a circu..
 This striking Tie Pin resembles the vintage image of masculinity in wearing the family's crest. A crest is a form of great support and bravery, showing the confidence of the wearer in the subtlest of ways.It allows a wearer to envisage their own unique family crest and start the journey for the family's history. Superb and fitting to wear at a party, a conference, around the house,..
A pair of elegant cufflinks which resemble the vintage image of masculinity, showing pride and confidence by wearing the family’s crest. To wear at a party, conference, around the house or just when you want to show off.This pair of solid Sterling Silver Cufflinks has a 24ct Gold-plated family crest imprinted on the front and a very characteristic hinge to allow for easy and simple attachment..
You are looking at a smooth and hammered Sterling Silver ring for men.This ring can be worn on the thumb – or any finger really – and the special concave shape gently snugs the middle of the thumb segment and is curved towards the knuckle and bone of the thumb.This contemporary elegant, yet masculine ring has a high polish and wrought finish.Measurements: The ring has a wid..
 This is a solid slim/wide band ring, handcrafted using vintage techniques in Sterling Silver with a set of finger prints as relief structure.ID yourself! Hand carved and hand printed using a real finger! My own thumb... it wasn’t that easy.If you want to be realistic and shown uniqueness sometimes you have as an artist go that extra mile.Using the lost wax technique, I ..
Elegant handmade in the heart of Hessle, solid sterling silver cufflinks coat of arms, the design combines both texture (matt) and polished silver finishes. These cufflinks feature a 'double' swivel fitting. This means they are easy to put through the button hole and always sit well on the shirt.The history of cufflinks... According to the National Cufflink Society, evidence of their use can b..
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