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This genuine Sterling Silver ring features a natural red Tourmaline cut in a triangular shape, a trillion cut. The precious stone has been set in a 24 K gold plated and polished bezel, which then turns to a brushed surface. This contrast is taken further by the white surface appearance of the brushed Silver of the rounded shank.This Tourmaline is natural and you can see the sparkle and some ..
This elegant necklace features a handmade solid Sterling Silver fancy pendant holding a large faceted Pink Tourmaline. The surface of both the pendant and the Rollo chain has been highly polished, enhancing the unrivalled reflectivity that, amongst all precious metals, only Silver possesses.Tourmalines are amazing gems, but if you were born in October, the Tourmaline is also your birthstone...
A pair of enchanted seahorses are holding a mesmerising freeform Watermelon Tourmaline slice and an elegant Pearl. This necklace has been handcrafted in solid 14ct yellow Gold. Running alongside its stylish chain there are three faceted Tourmaline roundells in green, pink and yellow, which are interlinked by Gold circles, giving this chain a dangly, playful factor.The inspiration for this n..
 This Gold necklace stars twentytwo Tourmalines of the most stunning colour range. They all exhibit the top quality AAA and are cut as lustrous cabochon half sphere cups. Each of the solid 9K-Gold chain links have been handmade individually and interlinked. This work has been designed and goldsmithed in my workshop in Yorkshire.Tourmaline is a colourful semi-precious stone, which t..
 A breathtaking green Tourmaline is suspended on this Sterling Silver ring ball chain necklace. This unique Tourmaline has the quality AAA and is left as it grew millions of years ago in a complete crystal. A puffy little bird handcrafted from solid Sterling Silver accompanies the stone on as second pendant. This work has been cast and silversmithed in my workshop in Yorkshire using tr..
This is a made to order solid Sterling Silver brooch/pin made of a complete Eucalyptus twig with two fruit capsules. In the fork of the twig sits a high quality polished pink Tourmaline. The Tourmaline has the quality AAA and is cut as a cabochon. This work has been hand cast in my workshop in Yorkshire using traditional procedures. Over the course of 15 hours the fruit and the twig has been b..
 Inspired by the lunar eclipse on the 4th April 2015 in the USA and 25th September 2015 in Europe I created this unique bangle. You can decide between pink or a green Tourmaline which will be set into the bezel permanently. The solid Silver has been fused with 9ct yellow Gold, resembling the moon and the sun. A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into i..
 This is a handmade 14ct solid Yellow Gold ring with a beautiful round faceted Rubellite in the exquisite quality AAA. Its smoothness paired with the extraordinary gemstone gives this ring an elegance and contemporary look. This red is pure seduction, it’s the colour of desire and joie de vivre. Due to its adaptable open design the ring easily fits any size of finger. The exclusive Ru..
 These are ear studs with pink Tourmalines set in nine carat yellow Gold. A Tourmaline in this beautifully colour is also called a Rubellite. If you were born in October the Tourmaline is your birthstone. Its name comes from the Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) word 'tura mali', meaning 'the stone of mixed colours'. Tourmaline is available from black to bluish black, dark brown, yellow, medium ..
Unique earrings with a beautiful rare Tourmaline that has 3 Colours in one crystal. It's the most valuable Watermelon-Tourmaline. Very sweet to look at. It is comforted by a substantial 9ct Yellow Gold frame all around it and dangles on an ear stud that is also handmade of 9ct White Gold. The stud also crowns a small flower.The watermelon tourmaline is a rare Tourmaline variety that display..
Elaborate Necklace carrying a Silver Twig as pendant on a Silver chain. The twig can be worn horizontally and also sideways as shown in the images. The Twig was cast and then fitted with a beautiful blue Australian Opal and a bright yellow Citrine. Both are set in a 9ct Gold bezel. The chain is handmade of marquise-shaped loops with a polished finish. This necklace is inspired by the simple be..
This elaborate necklace is made of 63 beautifully smooth Tourmalines in its pink, green and red hues. They are individually linked with handcrafted golden links and an intricate clasp. It is quite long and can be worn short, too. (72.5cm long) These Tourmalines are handpicked for quality and exceptional beauty. Its name comes from the Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) word 'tura mali', meaning 'the stone..
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