Beauty for your wrist. Show style. Show taste.

Bracelets as jewellery to be worn around the wrist are known to humanity since 40,000 years (that is the oldest one found in a cave in Siberia). I hope your collection of bracelets is not that old.

The ancient Egyptians wore bracelets extensively.

There are also arm rings or ankle bracelets, called anklets, bangles, beaded bracelets and charm bracelets.

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SMOOTH & OVAL | Bangle in solid Sterling Silver

 This elegant solid Sterling Silver bangle is characterised by a clear, smooth surface. Its two parts open and close with a hinge and click ..


EUCALYPTUS ON TWIG | Bangle in Sterling Silver

 This is a solid Sterling Silver bangle with organic British specimens of a local twig and two Eucalyptus seed pods. These were hand cast as..


LUNAR ECLIPSE | Sterling Silver bangle with Tourmaline

 Inspired by the lunar eclipse on the 4th April 2015 in the USA and 25th September 2015 in Europe I created this unique bangle. You can deci..


ORANGE OCEAN | Sponge Coral bracelet in emerald cut

 This bracelet is entirely made of vibrantly orange red Sponge Coral.You can see the natural structure of the Coral; every piece has its ..


CORAL MAGNESITE SPHERES | Bracelet with precious Coral charm

 This vibrant bracelet consists of Coral and Magnesite with Sterling Silver applications.I have used red Sponge Coral for the Spheres and..


The Knot Bracelet | polished Sterling Silver with chain (custom order)

This Sterling Silver bracelet with a knot and an elegant chain can be made to order for you. The knot symbolises a connection that two people ha..


Hollow Amorph Sterling Silver Bangle | Softly brushed finish

This is an organically shaped bangle that is incredibly light weight due to its hollow structure. In spite of the brushed finish it is also nice an..


Kristall Smoke | Smoky Quartz Crystal bracelet with mystic inclusions and very smooth surface

Beautiful smooth Smoky Quartz bracelet with mystical inclusions that reflect the light in an interesting way. Smoky quartz can be found near grani..