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This cuff has been formed using lava from Portugal, rough on the outside and smooth on the inside. An impressive oval dark blue AAA-Sapphire is set in its Gold vermeil nest. Handcrafted in solid Sterling Silver the cuff it has been plated in Gold and Rhodium- paying homage to the natural forces, shapes and elements of the wonderful creations of our earth.Measurements: As it is basically an..
This wide organic Sterling Silver statement cuff presents two large rose-cut Pink Umba-Sapphires with beautiful facets. The surface has been reticulated and oxidised using ancient silversmithing techniques. The Cuff has a truly unique texture and appearance from every angle, both vintage and super modern.Measurements: The inner diameter of the cuff is 70mm, which is adaptable by bending wit..
This elegant solid Sterling Silver bangle is characterised by a clear, smooth surface. Its two parts open and close with a hinge and click together nicely at the ends. The clean oval design is reflecting the natural profile of a human wrist.Measurements: The bangle has an inner diameter of 62mm by 52mm. It is 4mm wide and 2.2mm thick...
 This exquisite bracelet is made from natural smooth Beryl and Morganite spheres, which include ocean blue green Aquamarines. All 16 polished genuine gemstones in this bracelet are of the top quality AAA, untreated and have quite a considerable size.Aquamarine is a valuable precious stone and if any gemstone can recall happy summer holiday memories, it's Aquamarine. It’s a member of..
 This is a solid Sterling Silver bangle featuring a beautiful Yorkshire twig. A carefully forged and hammered square rod in the shape of a U complements the twig.The Silver twig has been hand-cast in my workshop in Yorkshire using traditional procedures. Over the course of 15 hours the twig has been burnt out from 230 gradually to 730 degrees Celsius to create a perfect void in a ca..
 This bracelet is made of super smooth Cloudy Quartz spheres and features a handcrafted solid Sterling Silver charm. This charm is showing a floral imprint, it’s a rose that is partially 24K Gold-plated. This is the rare grey shaded variety of Cloudy Quartz. It is used in traditional healing for detoxification and is said to help with nightmares.Measurements: The bracelet is elast..
 This is a solid Sterling Silver bangle with organic British specimens of a local twig and two Eucalyptus seed pods. These were hand cast as singletons in my workshop using traditional techniques. This open variable bangle will wrap around your wrist, if you want, or sling onto it.I used the original 'KangarooT Trees' - Eucalyptus seedpod given to me by the friendly Grafton ..
 This is a handcrafted Gold vermeil bracelet featuring two different translucent gemstones, the Moonstone and the Labradorite. Twenty faceted, opaque bluish shimmering Madagascar Labradorite roundels have been hand-knotted using Gold vermeil chain links. Gold vermeil is Sterling Silver with a thick coating of 24K Gold. As a centre piece it features a large drop shaped rose cut Rainbow ..
 Inspired by the lunar eclipse on the 4th April 2015 in the USA and 25th September 2015 in Europe I created this unique bangle. You can decide between pink or a green Tourmaline which will be set into the bezel permanently. The solid Silver has been fused with 9ct yellow Gold, resembling the moon and the sun. A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into i..
 This is a bangle made of solid Sterling Silver featuring a cast garden seed pod on a twig. This naturally shaped form merges into the defined square profile bangle shank. The seed pod and the twig are from the East Yorkshire countryside and cast in my workshop using the ancient lost wax technique. This is part of the exclusive ‘I am organic - Collection’ which is defined by extraordin..
 This bracelet is entirely made of vibrantly orange red Sponge Coral.You can see the natural structure of the Coral; every piece has its unique marbled structure that is interesting to look at.The elements are polished and have the so called emerald cut, a rectangular shape that is very popular with the precious stone.I only use sustainably sourced Coral in my jewellery; those..
 This vibrant bracelet consists of Coral and Magnesite with Sterling Silver applications.I have used red Sponge Coral for the Spheres and Precious Coral for the ornamented round charm.You can see the natural structure of the Coral, every piece has its unique marbling.I only use sustainably sourced Coral in my jewellery; those are naturally broken off pieces, washed up ashore a..
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