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January - GARNET

 This is a brooch with twelve supreme quality Garnets in the form of a circle. It is handmade from 9ct Gold. These Garnets, which are are exceptionally clear and bright, come from Mozambique. Their colour is full of warm red glow when reflecting a light source. The brooch can be worn as a scarf pin or a versatile elegant accessory to a piece of wardrobe of almost any colour. The numb..
Ex Tax:281€
 This exclusive necklace consists of Mandarin Garnet rondells in the exquisite AAA quality.Each link of this rare gemstone has been faceted and polished and you can see the natural structure within. The word Mandarin Garnet was coined after the fruit which is a citrus fruit similar to a tangerine. These rare semi-precious stones come from Namibia and are a kind of Spessartine, a va..
Ex Tax:300€
This is a beautifully natural necklace made of shaded faceted Hessonite Garnet roundels with gold vermeil elements. This special variety of Garnet, Hessonite, is also called the Cinnamon Stone. It is orange to brown in colour and belongs to the family of grossular Garnets that are usually green. So indeed a very special stone. I have chosen nice warm honey and caramel tones and enhanced them w..
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