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This elegant gold necklace features a sweet Teddy bear holding a Swiss Blue Topaz Cabochon. The surface of the bear has a brushed finish contrasting the shiny surface of the round precious stone. This necklace has been handcrafted from 9 carat solid gold in my workshop in Yorkshire as a one of a kind piece. The Topaz is the birthstone of November.Measurements: The necklace has a total leng..
Each individual link of this lavish Gold necklace has been handcrafted into unique circles. Luxuriously sized and extraordinarily cut faceted Amethysts reflect the light in a lush variety of purple tones. These nineteen onion-shaped African Amethysts are joined by two glowing yellow Citrines in a beautiful drop-shaped flat cut. All 21 precious stones in this necklace have the exquisite quality ..
This 9ct solid Gold necklace features a blossoming twig set with a faceted drop shaped AAA Sky Blue Topaz. It is a one of a kind piece, made in my goldsmithing studio in Yorkshire. Inspired by nature’s beauty the leaves and the twig with its blossom have been created by hand.The Topaz is a semi-precious stone that has been used in jewellery for centuries, used in amulets of power and influen..
This sparkly Topaz ring features a light shank built in an architectural style with three square twirls which majestically enfold the beautiful emerald cut gemstone. It is made of solid Sterling Silver with Gold vermeil. Together with the Citrine, Topaz is the birthstone of November.  It is supposed to have calming energies which warm up the cold winter months and bring fortune to the lucky..
This solid 14 carat Gold ring features a wonderful Swiss Blue Topaz in a smooth Trillion cut. It is a triangular shape with rounded edges and this shape emphasises its extraordinary blue glow. The ring shank is round and very comfortable to wear. Its smooth and highly polished surface completes the pure elegance of this ring.Topaz is a semi-precious stone that has been used in jewellery for..
 This necklace features distinctive freeform shaded Citrines with clear, yet smooth edges. Two wonderful Amethysts complement the pastel colour range. These chunky nuggets are substantial in size and their exceptionally clear AA+ quality enhances the complexion of the wearer. The necklace closes with a Gold vermeil twisted T-toggle. Gold vermeil is Sterling Silver with a notable layer..
Swiss Blue faceted Topas ear studs set in 9ct Gold and faceted in the elegant princess cut. The precious stones are square shaped and held in a gallery setting. These will make every woman look even more precious. It's just this sparkle that only Topaz has.This precious stone has been used in jewellery for centuries, used in amulets of power and influence. Its rarity has meant that it has ..
 This exclusive necklace is made from natural round faceted Beryl spheres which include stunning blue green Aquamarines. A centre piece of the necklace is a stunning freeform faceted Aquamarine. All precious stones are of the exquisite quality AAA and are untreated. The pendant is set with white Topazes in black Sterling Silver and 18 K Gold vermeil. The necklace closes with a high qu..
 This handmade Sterling Silver necklace features a cast seedpod from one of Hessle’s beautiful gardens as pendant. This stunning design of nature has been adorned with a smooth oval London Blue Topaz cabochon. The polished round shape of the Topaz contrasts the rough and matte surface finish of the seed pod. The italian style Spiga chain emphasises the pristine beauty of these elements..
 This exciting handcrafted Sterling Silver Ring features three beautiful Citrines in AAA quality. Two of these lush yellow semi-precious stones are facetted and the ring has a stunning smooth cabochon as centre piece.Citrine is an uncommon variety of Quartz, combining the bright clarity of quartz with the warm tones of sunlight. Only when Quartz crystallises with inclusions of iron,..
 You’re looking at a sweet Sterling Silver Ring with a round small facetted Citrine set on a hammered shank. The ring has been wrought into into its shape by hand which gives it that organic texture and natural appearance.Citrine is an uncommon variety of Quartz, combining the bright clarity of quartz with the warm tones of sunlight. Only when Quartz crystallises with inclusio..
 Elegant Sterling Silver Ring with a beautifully facetted large oval Citrine in the exquisite quality AAA. Due to the open setting of the stone you can see the reflection of the stone on the skin below. The highly polished shank was adorned with little round holes that permits the skin shining through. Citrine is an uncommon variety of quartz, combining the bright clarity of quartz wit..
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