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This is a unique handmade ring using an ancient Japanese art form, with more than 1,300 years called Mitsuro Hikime. The amazing beautiful striated texture like a ribbon effect is created when the wax is warm by hand pulling, stretching and folding the wax back onto itself. You also need a calm mindset.  Each piece is one of a kind and almost impossible to replicate.This ring has been ..
Crowned by a unique Pink Sapphire this solid Gold ring has an intricate pattern of flowers and leaves. The design is inspired by the Sakura, the Japanese cherry blossoms known for their transcendent beauty. Sapphires come in many colours, Pink being one of the rarest and increasingly hard to find. The Pink sapphire symbolises good fortune, intense love and compassion, and subtle elegance.Me..
Individually handmade from solid gold this ring carries 12 high-quality diamonds arranged in a row. As an Eternity ring, it fits every occasion and would also look great as a stacking ring.Also known as a Memory ring it would be something out of the ordinary to be presented at your wedding anniversary. A declaration of love for the years spent together and the years to come. Due its timeles..
This elaborate handmade 14 carat Gold ring comprises 14 rings, each and everyone has been singly soldered.14 is the total as a whole. Like a living organism consisting of many parts it feels as one lavish ring.Measurements: Each individual ring will be 1mm thick.Ringsize: This unique ring will be a US size 8...
This ring is something for dog lovers. Handcrafted in Sterling Silver it features the head of a Terrier, embossed and 24ct Gold plated.Our friends’ dog Frida, herself a Parson Russell Terrier, has inspired me to create this piece. She is such a joy to be with and clearly never runs out of energy. Like her this ring shows confidence and presence. You can use it as a seal ring to finish off..
This handcrafted Sterling Silver ring holds a fabulous Emerald, oval shaped and facetted. The natural Silver surface has a finely brushed texture. Created in my Silversmithing studio in Yorkshire, this is a one of a kind ring. Emerald is the birthstone of May and one of the 4 genuine precious stones, together with the Diamond, the Ruby and the Sapphire.Measurements: Oval Emerald: 10mm x 7..
This handcrafted Sterling Silver ring features twelve beautifully facetted white Sapphires. They are set in two slightly curved channels of the six clear stones. The shape is inspired by Native American Symbol Z or ZigZag which interprets the journey of life.  The ring has a natural hand polished Silver surface and is a one off piece.Measurements: The top area with the two curves is ..
Two elegantly swung curves merge into one on this solid Gold ring. Within the plane of the wider arc five beautifully blue Sapphires are set. They sparkle luxuriously in the light and contrast the lavish yellow Gold of the shank. Handcrafted in my Yorkshire studio from 9ct solid Gold.Measurements: The top area with the two curves is 17.6mm long and ranges from 7.5mm to 4.7mm in width. The..
For this open Gold ring I worked with volcanic rock to give it its unique organic texture. Four exquisite blue Sapphires are set into its rugged, yet smooth, surface. They are facetted and sparkle luxuriously. This solid 9ct Gold ring has been created by hand in my workshop in Yorkshire. Its open architecture allows it to adaptable in ring size to an extent.Measurements: The four Sapphire..
This is a handcrafted solid Gold ring with 10 Sapphires nestling in and inspired by the tentacles of an Octopus and its marvellous and beautiful suction cups. The ring has an organic look and feel to it with the facetted precious stones sparkling in different shades of blue like the sea. Two more Sapphires have been engulfed and taken into the golden cups entirely- A secret only you know...
The inspiration to this ring is the raw beauty of barnacles on sea shells I found on the beach. These interesting small creatures are actually to the family of crabs and are able to defy incredibly strong tidal forces.  The rough Diamonds are a symbol of this resilience, embodying everlasting love. The ring carries a special texture, it is the surface structure of the shell that ..
Solid Silver ring set with gorgeous Sapphires in the colours yellow, red, orange, pink and dark red. These precious stones have the immaculate quality AAA and they are facetted to sparkle magically. They are flush set, so this ring is good to wear every day as the stone settings don't catch on anything. The Sapphire is the Birthstone of September.Measurements: The 5 Sapphires have each a d..
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