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Smaragd Krone 925er Sterlingsilber Ohrstecker (ausverkauft)

Smaragd Krone 925er Sterlingsilber Ohrstecker (ausverkauft)
  • Verfügbar: Verkauft/ Sonderanfertigung
  • Unikat-Nr.: 780

Rare and unsual round 3.75mm faceted Emerald in a claw setting sterling silver light studs. These studs are simply beautiful.

Emerald is a mineral - a compound of silicate of aluminum beryllium and oxygen. Its colour is light or deep green. This gemstone is very high priced for it is very difficult to find a flawless emerald.

Emerald is May's birthstone. On the Moh's scale Emerald is a 7½.

In several cultures the emerald was the symbol for producing rain. In the Christian faith it is the symbol of faith and hope.

Emeralds should never be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner.