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SAGE LEAF | Necklace in Fine Silver and Sterling Silver (sold)

SAGE LEAF | Necklace in Fine Silver and Sterling Silver (sold)
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This handcrafted Necklace features a Fine Silver Sage leaf with its stem on a Sterling Silver rollo chain.
The Leaf and its stem looks so real, because it has been turned directly into pure Silver.
Clearly visible is the soft intricate surface structure of the leaf top.
You can also wear the necklace showing the reverse side of the leaf admiring its delicate leaf veins.
This necklace has been created in my workshop Yorkshire and it is one of a kind.
Salvia officinalis, also known as Sage, is one of the most versatile herbs on the planet:
Apart from its use as a kitchen spice, it is a very potent healing remedy for sore throat as tea or lozenges,
furthermore it is proven to soothe an upset stomach and also reduces overall sweating.
Sage leaves are just plain beautiful.

The necklace is 40.5 cm long and its ball links have a diameter of 1.4 mm.
The Sage leaf is 45 mm long, 19 mm wide and has a thickness of 1.3 mm.
The pendant including the stem and bail has a total length of 73.5 mm.