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Necklace with an Aquamarine cluster in a crystal matrix pendant cast in Sterling Silver

Necklace with an Aquamarine cluster in a crystal matrix pendant cast in Sterling Silver
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A translation from the formation of a gemstone. Inspired by the geology of gemstones I tried to replicate an Aquamarine Crystal Matrix. This ensemble is totally handmade with solide sterling silver with a fairly interesting rock texture where a natural smooth Aquamarine cluster has been set. The pendant is 3cm x 2cm and weights 17.5gr. To give it a more natural look I have partially oxidised it. This unique piece, like all my other pieces is a reflection of how I see Nature. Love it, care for it, appreciate it and be thankfull for all the priceless beauties.

The mechanism that creates crystals is movement in the Earth's crust. The temperature, pressure, surrounding rocks and mix of elements all determine which minerals crystallise at a particular place. They are built from a repeating, uniform pattern of atoms or molecules. Crystals and rocks produced this way are known as igneous. These are formed by volcanoes, developing a fine grained crystalline matrix holding larger crystals.

A matrix is a mass of rock in which other material is embedded. The matrix may contain larger grains, fluid or crystals.

One of the most popular light blue gems, Aquamarine is a variety of Beryl. Impurities of iron determine its colouring, which can range from almost colourless to deep sea blue green.

Aquamarine is March's Birthstone with a hardness of 7.5-8.

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