BIRD ON A TWIG | Gold lapel pin with Tahitian Pearl

This solid Gold Pin depicts a hand carved bird sitting on a a garden twig.
A gorgeous Tahitian pearl with love hearts, one on each side, is suspended from it on a double chain.
It is the Pearl’s natural colour that makes it so special and rare.
It shows a silver to very dark grey gradient and has natural ripples.
This unique work has been handcrafted from 9ct solid Yellow Gold in my workshop in Yorkshire.
It comes with a protective gold pin cap.

The pin has a total length of 54mm.
The twig is 40mm long and 1.5mm to 3mm thick.
The bird is 12mm long and 5mm wide.
The double chain with the bail is 11mm long.
The Tahitian Pearl is 13mm long and 9.5mm in diameter.
The two Gold hearts are 4.4mm measured each way.

  • 2.472€

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