Twisted brown Leather and Silver Ring

A beautiful modern openwork handcrafted ring, that combines the cool sophistication of high polished silver with the warm elegance of twisted brown leather. Leather and silver is a subtle combination for an understated style. I try to transforme unique textural combinations into trendy, original designs.

You don't have to wait until the big anniversaries, to give an Anniversary ring. And they don't have to be 'big and expensive', it is the love and thought that has gone into designing, making it and choosing the unique gift that will make it extra special.

Leather is for the 3rd Anniversary.

The philosophy of living consciously and enjoying, making the most of each day, in a easy going and natural way.

This ring is in size W½, circumference in (mm) 66, European size 26 and size S½, circumference in (mm) 61, European size 21.



  • 135€

Schnellsuche twisted, brown, leather, and, silver, ring, braun