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Topaz Silver Ring Swiss Blue Filigree with hidden treasure (sold out)

Topaz Silver Ring Swiss Blue Filigree with hidden treasure (sold out)
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Filigree Ring hand carved (wax) in Sterling Silver with a beautifully clear blue Swiss blue Topaz as a 7mm round shiny cabochon.
Within the Topaz there is an ornament shimmering through like a treasure on the bottom of a wishingwell.
Topaz is the birthstone of November.

Topaz occurs in a range of different colours: deep golden yellow, pink, blue and green.
Blue topaz can be found in both lighter and darker tones, usually known in the trade as Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz. As in the case of other blue gems, the more saturated blues tend to have a higher value. So in topaz it is the London Blue that usually regarded as the most valuable.

In the 17th century the Bragança diamond (1.640 ct) in the Portuguese crown was thought to be largest diamond ever found. This was, however never confirmed and it is now believed been a colourless topaz.

All my pieces are unique and when it comes to rings, you want to know the finger size, if it is for the ring finger, pointer, thumb, middle or the pinky, left or right or even for a toe.
In most cases rings can be adapted and resized.

This ring is an P½, 56 (mm in Diameter) European 15.5.
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