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TANZANITE DUO | Earrings in Sterling Silver

TANZANITE DUO | Earrings in Sterling Silver
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These handcrafted Sterling Silver earrings each present two unique oval Tanzanites.
Showing their beautiful blue colour these smooth gemstones are partially transparent.
Their crystal structures reveal interesting details, a distinct property, known as Plechroism.

Tanzanites are a thousand times rarer than Diamonds and are only found near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
They’re the birthstone of December along with the Turquoise.

As each of your ears is unique in shape and height, relative to your face, so are these earrings,
slightly different themselves are perfect for your individual balance.

Total length: 43mm and 43.5mm.
Sizes of the Tanzanite cabochons:
14.5mm x 11mm & 10mm x 7mm and
13.5mm x 10.5mm & 8.5mm x 6.5mm.