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STAR ANISE | Necklace handcrafted of Sterling Silver

STAR ANISE | Necklace handcrafted of Sterling Silver
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  • Unique No: 1535

Inspired by the beauty of the Star Anise this Sterling Silver necklace suspends it as its graceful pendant, made to order for you.
An aesthetic belcher chain with 90 degree angled chain links completes the ensemble.
The solid star anise seedpod displays polished and matte areas just like the original.
Star anise's scientific name is Ilicium verum and it is used for its incredible and versatile taste in many cuisines.

This work has been hand cast in my workshop in Yorkshire using traditional procedures.
The star anise seedpod has first been transformed meticulously into a wax model through a rubber mould.
Over the course of 15 hours this wax model has been burnt out from 230 gradually to 730 degrees Celsius to create a perfect void in a cast form.
The resulting hollow has then been filled with liquid molten Sterling Silver at 980 degrees and refined with silversmithing techniques.

This work is part of the exclusive ‘I am organic - Collection’ which is defined by extraordinarily beautiful natural objects that simply deserve to be cast in precious metals for all eternity.
Out of sheer respect of nature’s beauty, I leave the surfaces organic and use only traditional methods in the creative process.
For more information, please contact me.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for these made to order ear studs to be finished.

The necklace is 46 cm long and fashioned in the Belcher style.
The star anise is 27.6 mm wide and 8 mm thick.
It weighs 12 g.