Shiny edge Sterling Silver ring

Solid beautiful sterling silver ring with a round Zirconia on the edge of the shank. This ring was handmade using the lost wax technique, the inside is super smooth and round, where the outside is square. It has a high polish finish.

There is no synthetic gemstone on the market that has had a greater impact on the jewellery industry than cubic zirconia. "CZ" as it is sometimes referred to in the industry, came on the market around 1978. The first cubic zirconia was made in Russia, for the purpose of laser technology.

The problem with making a cubic zirconia, however, is the amount of heat it takes to get the zirconium oxide mixture to melt. The temperature is so high that there is no crucible or container that will withstand that much heat. Not even platinum will take the heat required to melt zirconium oxide.

This ring is a N½ , circumference in (mm) 54,  European size 13½.

Alle meine Schmuckstücke sind Unikate und speziell bei Ringen kommet es darauf an, daß man die Finger- oder Ringgröße kennt,

ob Ringfinger, Zeigefinger, Mittelfinger, Daumen, der Kleine oder auch ein Zeh, links oder rechts.

Man kann Ringe auf vielen Fingern tragen. In den meisten Fällen kann ein Ring in der Größe angepasst werden.

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  • 163€

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