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DOUBLE CURVED | Solid Gold ring with five Sapphires

DOUBLE CURVED | Solid Gold ring with five Sapphires
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  • Unique No: 1644

Two elegantly swung curves merge into one on this solid Gold ring.
Within the plane of the wider arc five beautifully blue Sapphires are set.
They sparkle luxuriously in the light and contrast the lavish yellow Gold of the shank.
Handcrafted in my Yorkshire studio from 9ct solid Gold.

The top area with the two curves is 17.6mm long and ranges from 7.5mm to 4.7mm in width.
The shank goes from 2.7mm thickness at the top to 1mm at its bottom.
It is 2.9mm to 1.4mm wide.
The 5 Sapphires measure 1.2mm to 1.5 mm in diameter.

Ring size:
This unique ring is a UK size O 1/2, which is a US 7 1/2,
this is an inner circumference of 56mm and an inner diameter of 17.7mm.
Please enquire if you would like a different ring size.

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