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RUBY HAMSA | Bracelet with gold vermeil elements (sold out)

RUBY HAMSA | Bracelet with gold vermeil elements (sold out)
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This bracelet is handcrafted of enhanced facetted Ruby spheres facetted in the brilliant cut, Gold vermeil spheres and rings (gold-plated Sterling Silver).

Its centrepiece is a powerful amulet for good luck and positive energy - the Hamsa Hand.

This ancient symbol predates all written human history and plays a big part in virtually all religions in the world.

The hand, with the three middle fingers more pronounced, is believed to protect the wearer from the so called 'evil eye' - others wishing bad luck to you.

Every culture has its tale about it, in Portuguese it is called 'mau-olhado'.

The word 'Hamsa' actually stems from the word 'five' in many ancient languages like Hebrew and Arab.

The Ruby is one of the four genuine precious stones, like Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald.

Their hardness is what makes them so unique and rare.

Ruby is a symbol of dignity, power and passion and it is said to protect the wearer from sorrow of false friendships.

It's also the birthstone of the ones born in July.

The Cubic Zirconias (CZ), which are set and sparkle in the Hamsa hand, are man made gemstones that resemble diamonds.

They're real gemstones, just not found in the earth, but in a Hi-Tech lab.

This bracelet is 18cm in length and with the extended link that is included, it is 19cm.

The Rubies have a diameter of 2mm and the Hamsa Charm is 14mm in length.