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CATHEDRAL | Triple Moonstone ring in Sterling Silver (sold)

CATHEDRAL | Triple Moonstone ring in Sterling Silver (sold)
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  • Unique No: 1442


This moonstone ring features not one but three wonderfully shimmering moonstones in a row.
Accompanied by two smaller specimen the central moonstone rises like a dome over the ring in a cathedral of light.
One thing to know about moonstone that is clear on first sight, then reflects the most amazing blue,
or even purple and some pastel colours, depending on the light conditions.
This spectacle is called the sheen or iridescence and makes it virtually irresistible to look at.
Architectural masterpieces have inspired me in the construction of this ring, reflected by the holes in the shank,
which make the ring even more comfortable to wear.

The Moonstone is a semi-precious stone and is surrounded by a good deal of mystique and magic.
In many cultures, for example in India, it is regarded as a holy, magical gemstone.
In India, Moonstones are also regarded as 'dream stones' which bring the wearer beautiful visions at night.
It is one of the two birthstone of June together with the Pearl.

The central Moonstone has the stately diameter of 9 mm and the two flanking moonstones measure 5 mm each.
The stone array covers a length of 18 mm with a height of 8.3 mm in the middle.
The ring shank is 4.9 mm wide and 1.3 mm thick.

This unique ring has the UK size N, US size 6 3/4 and that's an inner circumference of 54mm and an inner diameter of 17.3 mm.

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