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DIAMONDS IN A ROW | Rhodium plated Sterling Silver ring

DIAMONDS IN A ROW | Rhodium plated Sterling Silver ring
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This is a handmade solid Rhodium plated Sterling Silver ring set with 24 rough Diamonds and the engraving: I am Love.
They are little white and yellow natural Raw Sparking Diamond cubes.
The Diamonds are unheated and untreated.
The surface of this unusual ring is brushed and carries the engraved message: I am Love.
'I am’ on one side and the word ‘Love’ on the other.
This piece has been created in my workshop in Yorkshire.

I am committed on sourcing my diamonds in the most ethically and environmentally sustainable way.
All my Diamonds are conflict-free diamonds.
Diamonds are crystals of pure carbon that form under crushing pressures and intense heat.
They form in the Earth's mantle, at a great depth, crystalising at extremely high pressures, taking over a billion of years to finish their circle of formation.
The Diamond owes its name from the Greek expression "Adamas" which means unconquerable.
It symbolizes the eternity of love. It is by far the most popular of all stones throughout the ages.
Diamond is a symbol of love, innocence and purity.
If you wear a Diamond you are blessed with strength and endurance.
Because this stone is composed of a single element, it is considered to be purest of all gemstones.
The Diamond is the birthstone of April.

The precious metal Rhodium is twice as valuable as Gold and it gives this ring a beautiful and longlasting shine and keeps if from tarnishing.

The 24 Diamonds have an edge length of 2 mm.
They are set over the whole width of the ring of 24.5 mm.
The shank is 4 mm wide.
It rises 7 mm high on the finger.

This ring is a UK size N (US size 7), which is a 54 mm inside circumference and a 17.5 mm inside diameter.
This is immediately available.
If you need any other size, I can make a commissioned one for you for a small extra fee.
Please allow for at least 2 weeks additional creation time for this new item and note that it will look slightly different to the pictures, because of its uniqueness.
Please add your size with your order.
All my pieces are unique and when it comes to rings, you want to know the finger size, if it is for the ring finger, pointer, thumb, middle or the pinky, left or right or even for a toe.

Use my ring size calculator (click here) or contact me (click here). I'll be glad to help you.