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BIRDS ON A PLATE RING | Sterling Silver | matte and shiny (sold)

BIRDS ON A PLATE RING | Sterling Silver | matte and shiny (sold)
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  • Unique No: 1245

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This ring is entirely handmade of Sterling Silver and comprises a round bowl surrounded by frozen Silver droplets.
These are highly polished like the rest of the ring, but in contrast to these smooth, shiny surfaces,
the inside surface of the round bowl is made of matte, structured, dark Silver.
The little droplets on the rim have been frozen in the moment they've been liquid
and their unique shapes remind me of little birds sitting around and drinking out of a bowl.
This ring sits well on the finger and looks great on the hand as you can see on the many pictures.
It is a unique statement ring, but due to the flat build, not too bulky at the same time.
Simply black and white, elegant and classy.

This unique ring is an M 1/2, 52.5 mm (in circumference), European size 12 1/2 and this is immediately available.
If you require a different ring size, I need about a week to alter the ring. (fee of £10)
All my pieces are unique and when it comes to rings, you want to know the finger size, if it is for the ring finger, pointer, thumb, middle or the pinky, left or right or even for a toe.
In most cases rings can be adapted and resized.

Use my ring size calculator (click here), or contact me (click here). I'll be glad to help you.