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RING OF FLOWERS | Solid handcrafted Sterling Silver

RING OF FLOWERS | Solid handcrafted Sterling Silver
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  • Unique No: 1608

This solid Sterling Silver ring, rich in detail featuring individually carved out flowers takes you on a romantic journey through enchanted rose gardens.
The wide handcrafted ring has a smooth polished surface on the inside, which makes it comfortable to wear.
Handcrafted at my silver-goldsmithing studio in Yorkshire.

This ring is between 13.2mm and 17mm wide with a depth of 5.6mm to 6.1mm.

Ring size:
The UK size for this Ring is N 1/2, the US size is 7 and this is immediately available.
It has an internal circumference of 55mm and an internal diameter of 17.5mm.
For additional sizes please add your size and selection in the comment section of your order and allow up to 3 weeks for the creation.

Please contact me with any questions on ring sizes, material options or designs.
I am happy to help.

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