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TRIPLE OPAL | Sterling Silver ring with three natural Opals (sold)

TRIPLE OPAL | Sterling Silver ring with three natural Opals (sold)
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This is a polished Silver ring with three natural smooth Ethiopian Opal cabochons in the exquisite AAA Quality.
This ring was carved in wax and then cast in Sterling silver, and, once polished, the Opals were set.

Ethiopian Opals originate from volcanic activity. All volcanic Opal is called “hydrophane Opal”.
The term 'hydrophane' comes from the Greek words meaning “water-loving” and describes their ability to absorb water and change from opaque or semi-translucent to translucent or transparent.
Sometimes this highlights the colour play.
This newly discovered Opal found in the Welo Amhara Regional State Highland plateau 2.500 – 3.200 meters above sea level of Ethiopia is a new find that is quickly gaining the attention of the Opal community.

The name Opal is derived from the Sanskrit word for 'stone’.
Opal is famed for its ability to diffract light.
Australian scientists only recently discovered opal’s unique properties in the 1960s after analysis with electron microscopes.
It was discovered that small spheres of silica gel caused interference, refraction and diffraction of light, resulting in opal's distinctive play of colour.

The Opal is the birthstone of the ones born in October.

The large oval Opal cabochon is 8 mm x 6 mm and the two round Opal cabochons measure 2 mm and 3 mm in diameter.
The shank has a width of 2.7 mm.

This ring is a UK size M, which is a 53 mm inside circumference, and 16.8 mm diameter on the inside, that's a US size 6 1/2 and this is immediately available.
If you require a different ring size, I need up to two weeks to alter the ring. (will be £10 extra)
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