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LARGER THAN LIFE | Blue Opal on Sterling Silver necklace (sold)

LARGER THAN LIFE | Blue Opal on Sterling Silver necklace (sold)
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A blue Australian Boulder Opal in the shape of a triangle is the feature of this hand crafted Sterling Silver necklace.
This large Opal shows a remarkable colour range of blues and blue greens to brown and includes 22ct gold leaf.
When moving and if you if you look up close its unique play of light ranges from blue to green and pink.
The pendant and the elegant ball chain has a such a smooth glossy surface that only Silver can have.

The name ‘Opal’ is derived from the Sanskrit word for 'stone'.
This precious stone is famed for its ability to diffract light.
Australian scientists only recently discovered opal’s unique properties in the 1960s after analysis with electron microscopes.
It was discovered that small spheres of silica gel caused interference, refraction and diffraction of light, resulting in opal's distinctive play of colour.
Jewelry with Opals are said to radiate positive energy.
They are known as the stones of trust and innocence and are traditionally given to 13th wedding anniversaries.
Of course, if you have birthday in October, the Opal is also your birthstone, as well as the Tourmaline.

The necklace is 41 cm long.
The Opal is 28.3 mm from top to bottom, 22.1 mm wide and 6.1 mm thick.
The total length of the pendant including bail is 30.1 mm.