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A fresh Geranium flower has been turned into Sterling Silver for this brooch, accentuating the fine details of its natural surface. The pin is light and has a protective cap. I love to use it as a lapel pin or to hold a scarf in place.Also available in Gold plated or solid Gold on request. Made in my new workshop in Germany, this is a one-off piece.Measurements: The pin is 6.3 cm long..
This ring is something for dog lovers. Handcrafted in Sterling Silver it features the head of a Terrier, embossed and 24ct Gold plated.Our friends’ dog Frida, herself a Parson Russell Terrier, has inspired me to create this piece. She is such a joy to be with and clearly never runs out of energy. Like her this ring shows confidence and presence. You can use it as a seal ring to finish off..
This 18K solid Gold necklace features a gorgeous drop shaped cultured freshwater Pearl. This in turn hosts a round, faceted, sparkling green Peridot at its centre set in its own 18ct Gold bed. It’s an unusual Pearl that's one of a kind, very rare and organically beautiful carrying magnificent lustre. An intricately handcrafted trace chain made of 18 carat yellow Gold completes the ensemble. Pr..
This handcrafted Sterling Silver ring holds a fabulous Emerald, oval shaped and facetted. The natural Silver surface has a finely brushed texture. Created in my Silversmithing studio in Yorkshire, this is a one of a kind ring. Emerald is the birthstone of May and one of the 4 genuine precious stones, together with the Diamond, the Ruby and the Sapphire.Measurements: Oval Emerald: 10mm x 7..
This solid Gold necklace features an Intaglio with a round smooth blue Sapphire, depicting the ancient Greek Hermes, Aphrodite and their son. It pays hommage to the 18th century tradition of the Grand Tour of Europe, when young adults would travel the European cultural centres and cities upon finishing University.On their journeys they would take in the language and history, bringing with t..
This cuff has been formed using lava from Portugal, rough on the outside and smooth on the inside. An impressive oval dark blue AAA-Sapphire is set in its Gold vermeil nest. Handcrafted in solid Sterling Silver the cuff it has been plated in Gold and Rhodium- paying homage to the natural forces, shapes and elements of the wonderful creations of our earth.Measurements: As it is basically an..
This silver spoon is a twig with a hare standing upright on top. Handcrafted from Sterling Silver and a Yorkshire twig it would look great in your sugar bowl. The rabbit has been hand carved in wax and cast in Silver in my Yorkshire studio. The back of the spoon features a unique texture. A lovely gift for someone who seems to already have everything. On request it can be 24ct gold plated for..
This silver spoon is a twig with a crab’s claw, also known as chela or pincer, on top. Handcrafted from Sterling Silver and a Yorkshire twig it looks great in a sugar bowl. The crab claw has been cast directly from a portuguese crab. The back of the spoon features a unique texture. A lovely gift for someone who seems to already have everything. On request it can be gold plated for you. ..
This handcrafted Sterling Silver ring features twelve beautifully facetted white Sapphires. They are set in two slightly curved channels of the six clear stones. The shape is inspired by Native American Symbol Z or ZigZag which interprets the journey of life.  The ring has a natural hand polished Silver surface and is a one off piece.Measurements: The top area with the two curves is ..
This wide organic Sterling Silver statement cuff presents two large rose-cut Pink Umba-Sapphires with beautiful facets. The surface has been reticulated and oxidised using ancient silversmithing techniques. The Cuff has a truly unique texture and appearance from every angle, both vintage and super modern.Measurements: The inner diameter of the cuff is 70mm, which is adaptable by bending wit..
Freshly out of my parents’ garden in Lisbon these handmade earrings pay homage to the the beauty of olive leaves (Olea europaea). The silvery green leaves have an oblong shape and their natural matte and shiny surface. In a 9ct Gold bezel they are both set with a smooth Turquoise cabochon in a 9ct Gold bezel, Each leaf is unique and therefore slightly vary in size and shape. These were directl..
Two elegantly swung curves merge into one on this solid Gold ring. Within the plane of the wider arc five beautifully blue Sapphires are set. They sparkle luxuriously in the light and contrast the lavish yellow Gold of the shank. Handcrafted in my Yorkshire studio from 9ct solid Gold.Measurements: The top area with the two curves is 17.6mm long and ranges from 7.5mm to 4.7mm in width. The..
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