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FIGUEIRINHA SEA SHELL | Sterling Silver necklace (sold)

FIGUEIRINHA SEA SHELL | Sterling Silver necklace (sold)
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This solid Sterling Silver Necklace features a hand cast Seashell pendant on a Sterling Silver chain.
The Necklace is part of my Underwater Collection.
I have collected this sea shell specimen while visiting my parents in Lisbon – Portugal.
The 'Praia da Figueirinha' beach has beautiful marine life, that has been brought to shore by the amazing wild waves.
Most of my gatherings are from broken sea shells, so they are sustainably sourced.
Seashells are the external skeletons of a class of marine animals called Molluscs.

Once at my studio, I will make a silicone based cold mould and get it ready to be cast using the lost wax technique.
In this over 6000 year old traditional process the wax model is melted it out in a fine plaster at 950 degrees Celsius over several hours.
Then molten silver, also at 950 degrees, is poured into the void, aided by vacuum to allow the Silver reach every corner of the detailed piece.

The creation of this piece take several days, but the resulting natural texture makes the pendant very expressive.
I always think that extraordinarily beautiful natural objects simply have to be cast in precious metals so that they last for all eternity.

The Seashell pendant is 4 cm tall and 3 cm wide.
The average thickness is 3 mm.
The chain is 50 cm long.