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A BUNCH OF OPALS on a Sterling Silver necklace (sold out)

A BUNCH OF OPALS on a Sterling Silver necklace (sold out)
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This Sterling Silver necklace is so colourful because of the shimmering of the different kinds of Opal, white Opal, Brasilian Opal, Crystal Opal and black-blue Opal.

They are all smooth and shiny, oval-shaped, teardrop-shaped, emerald-shaped and measure 0.9cm to 1cm in length.

I have been inspired by the natural shapes of a bunch of grapes when designing this piece.

The pendant measures 2.5 cm from the bottom to the top (without the bail) and is 2 cm wide.

The chain is made of tiny shiny Sterling Silver spheres has a total length of 41 cm.

Its name is derived from the Sanskrit word for 'stone'. It is gemologically classed as a mineraloid rather than a mineral, owing to its amorphous form.  Opals can be divided into three main subgroups: precious opal, fire opal and common opal. Opal is famed for its ability to diffract light. Australian scientists only recently discovered opal’s unique properties in the 1960s after analysis with electron microscopes. It was discovered that small spheres of silica gel caused interference, refraction and diffraction of light, resulting in opal's distinctive play of colour.

The Opal is the birthstone of the ones born in October.