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PERUVIAN PINK OPAL | Necklace with sculpture in Sterling Silver (Sold Out)

PERUVIAN PINK OPAL | Necklace with sculpture in Sterling Silver (Sold Out)
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  • Unique No: 1391


This necklace is handmade of smooth round Peruvian Pink Opals featuring a brushed Sterling Silver sculpture.
It is easily adaptable in length and can therefore be worn in slightly different heights.

The name Opal is derived from the Sanskrit word for 'stone’.
Opal is famed for its ability to diffract light.
You can see it slightly in the photos that the intensity of the elegant pink hue is dependant on the angle with which the light is shone on them.
Jewellery with Opal is given traditionally to 13th anniversaries.
Opal is the birthstone of the ones born in October as well as the Tourmaline.

The necklace is 43.5 mm to 45.5 mm long, depending on where you hook in the clasp on the little Sterling Silver chain at its back.
The wonderful Pink Opal spheres are 6 mm in diameter.
The Sterling Silver sculpture is 19.3 mm long and goes from 7.2 mm at the thicker ends to 3.2 mm in the centre.

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