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Labradorite Statement Triple Necklace | Gold links and blue shimmering pendant

Labradorite Statement Triple Necklace | Gold links and blue shimmering pendant
  • Available: Made to order (2-3 weeks)
  • Unique No: 1240

This is a necklace with three strands of grey speckled Labradorites in the exquisite quality AAA that are connected by Gold chain links.
These little gemstones have certain spots that shimmer in the colours of the rainbow, especially in blue and green.
Each gem has been meticulously hand linked with Gold vermeil wire using the Crescendo technique.
It also carries an amazing trapeze-shaped Labradorite gem, bezel-set in Gold vermeil, which is facetted and polished and has the
most stunning reflection of blue.
The effects are best seen when the light shines through the opaque surface while you move.
The reflections are easier to photograph on skin or clothes and surfaces, which becomes obvious
when you see the pictures, yet it has a nice daylight appearance, too, and also looks great on white.

Labradorite is a naturally occurring translucent semi-precious stone.
It comes in many colours and is usually dark green to grey or almost black.

But when light hits it, the magic happens:
It shimmers in opaque blue or green hues, so fascinating, they seem out of this world.
Depending on the light angle the stone reveals its little secrets inside.
Labradorite, with its iridescent play of colours, was first found in 1770 on St. Paul Island, on the Labrador peninsula in Canada.
This mystical stone is said to allow you to see through illusions and determine how your dreams and goals can be achieved.

You can wear this necklace with the pendant on the side asymetrically or in the centre.

This necklace is 46cm long.
It comprises of three long chains that are each 36cm long and a short one that is 8cm in length.
They are special because each link has been hand knotted and carefully crafted from Gold vermeil and facetted 4mm Labradorite stones, so no ready available chain links were used.
The large Labradorite trapeze measures 15mm x 10mm.