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This 18K solid Gold necklace features a gorgeous drop shaped cultured freshwater Pearl.
This in turn hosts a round, faceted, sparkling green Peridot at its centre set in its own 18ct Gold bed.
It’s an unusual Pearl that's one of a kind, very rare and organically beautiful carrying magnificent lustre.
An intricately handcrafted trace chain made of 18 carat yellow Gold completes the ensemble.
Precision and immaculate hand work gives this composition a light elegance with a fresh splash of green colour.
Wear it by itself or along with the matching earrings - Grace Kelly style!

The Gold used is also known as Gold 750, which means 75% pure.
This is the highest purity available and at the same time its maximum strength for wearable jewellery.

The sparkling beauty of the Pearl has been cherished since the dawn of mankind.
According to the ancient Greek belief, Jewellery with a Pearl is capable of promoting marital bliss and eliminate emotional imbalances.
The Pearl is a symbol of faithfulness integrity and wisdom.
It is also said to have calming qualities.
The Pearl is the birthstone for the ones born in June.

Peridot, on the other hand, is the lush green semi-precious stone that is the birthstone of August. A Peridot doesn't get darker at night, consequently the Romans named it The Evening Emerald.
Did you know, the ancient Egyptians used it as currency and it was more valuable than Diamonds?
It is said that Cleopatra's favourite precious stone was actually not an Emerald but a Peridot.
Peridot is supposed to increase fidelity and love and is a symbol for truthfulness and friendship.
Peridot is said to be good for you if you want to become famous or successful in any way.
It belongs to the mineral family of the Olivines found in volcanic sediments and Meteors.

The necklace has a total length of 41 cm.
The Drop Pearl is 18.8 mm long 13.2 mm wide and 4.9mm thick.
The Peridot at its centre is 1.7 mm in diameter.