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AQUAMARINE BERYL | Necklace with white Topaz, Silver and Gold

AQUAMARINE BERYL | Necklace with white Topaz, Silver and Gold
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This exclusive necklace is made from natural round faceted Beryl spheres which include stunning blue green Aquamarines.
A centre piece of the necklace is a stunning freeform faceted Aquamarine.
All precious stones are of the exquisite quality AAA and are untreated.
The pendant is set with white Topazes in black Sterling Silver and 18 K Gold vermeil.
The necklace closes with a high quality T-Toggle clasp made of Sterling Silver.

Aquamarine increases in value every year and if any gemstone can recall happy summer holiday memories, it's Aquamarine.
It’s a member of the Beryl family of gemstones, which also include the green Beryl, also known as Emerald.
This necklace features the light purple to pink variety, called Morganite, the yellow to brown-yellow variety, called Heliodor, and green to blue Beryls, called Aquamarine.
Aquamarine is the birthstone of March.

Topaz is a semi-precious stone that has been used in jewellery for centuries, used in amulets of power and influence.
It’s most known in its blue shades and has been worshipped in its orange colour range in ancient Egypt.
However, probably the most famous Topaz is a colourless, clear one that originally was long thought to be a Diamond.
It is a 1680-carat stone known as the 'Braganca Diamond' that is set in the Portuguese Crown Jewels.
It’s the birthstone of November.

The necklace has a length of 49 cm.
Each individual Aquamarine-Beryl Sphere has a diameter of 8 mm.
The large natural Aquamarine is 18 mm long and 14 mm wide.