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AQUAMARINE ACORN | Sterling Silver necklace (made to order)

AQUAMARINE ACORN | Sterling Silver necklace (made to order)
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An Acorn is the hero of this made to order Sterling Silver necklace.
The acorn seed is resembled by an impressive Aquamarine in its rough natural shape.
The pendant is suspended on a beautiful Silver spheres necklace.
It is a seed of the Spanish Oaktree (quercus hispanica), which has been hand-cast in my workshop with the lost wax technique.
The oak tree is the symbol of strength, endurance and a long life since time began.
This necklace is part of the exclusive ‘I am organic - Collection’ which is defined by extraordinarily beautiful natural objects that simply deserve to be cast in precious metals for all eternity.
Out of sheer respect of nature’s beauty, I leave the surfaces organic and use only traditional methods in the creative process.
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Aquamarine increases in value every year and if any gemstone can recall happy summer holiday memories, it's Aquamarine.
The colour ranges from light to medium blue and also slightly blue-green, just if it were made of water.
It is said to be the treasure of mermaids and therefore having the power to safeguard sailors.
Aquamarine symbolises youth, health and love.
It soothes and relaxes the wearer.
It has a soothing effect on married couples and also provides protection against the ruse of evil.
It is said to increase intelligence and make one more youthful.
Aquamarine is the birthstone of March.

This unique necklace has a total length of 50 cm and its spheres are 1 mm wide.
The silver top of the acorn is 11 mm wide and 14.2 mm high.
The whole pendant with bail is 29 mm long.