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DUAL ELEGANCE | Ametrine necklace with Gold vermeil elements (sold)

DUAL ELEGANCE | Ametrine necklace with Gold vermeil elements (sold)
  • Available: Made to order (2-3 weeks)
  • Unique No: 1419


This elegant necklace features glittering faceted Anahi Ametrine roundels of exquisite triple-A quality with brushed Gold vermeil half circle elements.
It closes with a beautiful Gold vermeil T-Toggle clasp.
You can see the many different shades and hues of the Ametrine, from very light, mixed, 2 Tone to yellow and purple, all very much sparkling and unique.
Ametrine is a rare semi-precious stone only really available since 1989 and found in South America, specifically Bolivia, in the Anahí mine.
It is the combination of two separate gemstones in the same stone:
Amethyst, the purple variety of Quartz and Citrine, the yellow orange variety of Quartz.
Due to a temperature gradient during its creation in the earth’s core its iron atoms have different oxidisation states, thus forming slightly different crystals.
Also known as Amecitrine, Trystine or Bolivianite each Ametrine has its unique distribution of colour and pattern.
In traditional healing and beliefs Ametrine combines the properties of the two gemstones:
Ametrine is used to dispel negativity and promotes love and peace and helps with decision-making, distress, and attracts happiness.

The necklace is 45 cm long.
The faceted Ametrine roundels are 6.4 mm wide and 3.9 mm thick.
The three brushed half circles are 6 mm in diameter and 3.4 mm wide and the T-Toggle clasp is 12 mm in diameter.