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CIRCLING KYANITES | Dangly earrings in Sterling Silver

CIRCLING KYANITES | Dangly earrings in Sterling Silver
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  • Unique No: 1593

These are round Sterling Silver earrings each featuring a smooth round Kyanite in the exquisite AAA quality.
These Kyanites, which exhibit an unusual blue colour, are suspended inside of a slightly oval circle and dangle nicely to compliment your neck area.
The name of this gemstone actually means 'deep blue', coming from the Greek word ‘kyanos’.
The Kyanite's cat-eye like shimmering, known as chatoyancy, is one of its beautiful properties and a sign of high quality of this this specimen.

Kyanite is used in traditional healing i.e. to help ease tensions in relationships and in general to improve positive communication.

The earrings are 30 mm long.
The Kyanites are 5 mm in diameter.
The circles have a diameter of 18.3 mm x 15.8 mm and a thickness 1.8 mm strong.