Bauhaus | Massiver 925er Silberring mit grünem Muranoglaswürfel mit Silberfolie

Massiver 925er Silberring mit einem Muranoglaswuerfel, in dem eine hauchduenne Silberfolie eingeschmolzen ist.
This ring feels like velvet, due to its soft profile, yet heavy solid sterling silver.
You can have this ring with a different Murano glass colour. The Murano glass was hand picked and choosen by myself in one of my journeys to Venice - Murano.The island of Murano is located 3km north of Venice in Italy and has been a prosperous commercial port since the 7th Century. The vibrancy of Murano glass is unmistakable, appearing to glow from within.

Glass is a solid matter which, in its raw state, is made of siliceous sand, soda, lime and potassium melted together in an oven at a temperature of 1500°C, to become a flexible material. Then, the glassmaker removes this substance from the oven with the help of a pipe, and shapes it using various specialized instruments that changed little since antiquity, such as pliers, scissors and wooden shovels. "Glass-blowing" refers to a method of blowing inside the pipe to give the glass object a form.

The magnificent appearance and colouring of Murano glass is achieved by adding gold or silver foil to the glass mixture and/or adding minerals such as zinc for white, cobalt for blue, manganese for violet, and so on.
This ring is a size P½, circumference in mm 56, European size 15½


  • 472€

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