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Wide soft polished hammered Sterling Silver band

Wide solid sterling silver band with a soft hammered texture. This band can be used as a wedding or engagement ring.This ring is a Q½, circumferen..


Twisted brown Leather and Silver Ring

A beautiful modern openwork handcrafted ring, that combines the cool sophistication of high polished silver with the warm elegance of twisted brown le..


Shiny edge Sterling Silver ring

Solid beautiful sterling silver ring with a round Zirconia on the edge of the shank. This ring was handmade using the lost wax technique, the inside i..


Rubellite (Tourmaline) Sterling Silver ring

Dies ist ein Silberring mit dem majestetischen Rubellit, das ist ein dunkler Turmalin.Ich mag diese Form des Kristalls, er ist spitz, fühlt sich..


Rosensamen | Ohrringe aus 925er Silber

Wild rose seeds, that have been dried for almost a year and then cast. They look not only look amazing but intricate as well, with very interesting te..


Pink Tourmaline Sterling Silver ring

Magestic Rubellite (Pink Tourmaline) set in sterling silver. I just love this slight pointed smooth shaped Tourmaline.Tourmaline is a magnificient..


Blue Twig Sterling Silver Ring with Turquoise and Gold applications (auf Anfrage)

A sterling silver twig ring with a round sleeping beauty Turquoise set into a 9ct yellow gold bezel. The outer end of the ring is gold plated(24ct). U..


Amethyst Bubble - Sterling Silver bracelet (wird angefertigt)

Schönes Sterlingsilber Charm-Arrmband. Die runden glatten Amethyst Cabochons sind in Sterling Silber fein eingefasst.Sie können mehr Cha..