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TANZANITE & DIAMONDS | Gold necklace with Silver and Black Rhodium

 The stunningly blue precious stone at the centre of this necklace is a Tanzanite.Made to order for you. It is surrounded by 22 diamonds set..


SAPPHIRE IN LAVA | Cuff in solid Silver, Gold and Rhodium

This cuff has been formed using lava from Portugal, rough on the outside and smooth on the inside. An impressive oval dark blue AAA-Sapphire is set i..


ROUND RUBY | Necklace in rhodium plated Sterling Silver

 This Rhodium plated Sterling Silver necklace features a round cut faceted Ruby. The Ruby is intensely vibrant red to pink and it has the to..


PEARL ON BRIDGE | Ring in Black Rhodium plated Silver

 This Pearl ring is a geometric construction handcrafted of Black Rhodium plated Sterling Silver. It balances an extraordinarily high qualit..


MINK VERTEBRAE | Sterling Silver necklace with Peacock Pearl

 For this necklace I cast a vertebrae bone of a mink from an old collection in Sterling Silver. I love natural shapes and I couldn’t h..


JUICY AMAZON | Emerald Pearl necklace with Jade and Prase

 This is a unique double necklace made of elegant facetted Emeralds and genuine freshwater Pearls. It features a handcrafted wrought pendant..


DIAMONDS IN A ROW | Rhodium plated Sterling Silver ring

This is a handmade solid Rhodium plated Sterling Silver ring set with 24 rough Diamonds and the engraving: I am Love. They are little white and yello..


CHAMPAGNE DIAMONDS | Earrings in rhodiumplated Sterling Silver

These super elegant earrings are handcrafted from Sterling Silver and then covered in a thin layer of the precious metal Rhodium. Each shiny arc carr..


AQUAMARINE SPHERES | Rhodium plated Sterling Silver ear hooks

You are looking at round faceted Aquamarine earrings with hooks from rhodium plated Sterling Silver. These Aquamarines have an intense ocean blue col..


17 SAPPHIRES IN FILIGREE | Earrings in Black Rhodium/Sterling Silver

This pair of Sterling Silver earrings each have 17 gorgeous blue Sapphires, which are oblong shaped and set into a playful drop-shaped Filigree patte..