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SKY TOPAZ TRIPLE │ Silver ring with Gold vermeil

SKY TOPAZ TRIPLE │ Silver ring with Gold vermeil
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This sparkly Topaz ring features a light shank built in an architectural style with three square twirls which majestically enfold the beautiful emerald cut gemstone. It is made of solid Sterling Silver with Gold vermeil.
Together with the Citrine, Topaz is the birthstone of November. 
It is supposed to have calming energies which warm up the cold winter months and bring fortune to the lucky ones who wear them. 
Its soothing characteristics are reflected in the beautiful blue colour of this gemstone. Looking at this ring feels like staring into the deep blue ocean. 
What is more, the Topaz is elegantly placed in an elevated position, making it an ideal present for a special lady in your life or a hard-earned reward for yourself.

The crown measures 10.9mm x 9.4mm.
The emerald cut Sky Topaz itself is 9.9mm x 11.8mm large.
The crown frame is elevated 8.4mm above the finger. This is the overall height which includes the frame.
The width of the ring ranges from 7.5mm (lower shank) to 14.9mm (upper shank).
The individual twirls have a magnitude of 2 x 2mm.
The inner circumference measures 57mm. 
The inner diameter is 18,1mm.

It is a size P in the UK and a size 7 ½ in the US.