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AMETHYSTS & NESTS | Necklace with Sterling Silver sculptures

AMETHYSTS & NESTS | Necklace with Sterling Silver sculptures
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This handcrafted necklace comprises stunning large Amethysts spheres with two Sterling Silver nest sculptures.
These have been inspired by the nests of the fascinating weaver birds, which are both threedimensional and light.
The Amethysts are beautifully facetted and rated AAA due to their superior quality.
This unique necklace features a sophisticated polished magnetic bead clasp which opens as two parts of a sphere.

The Amethyst is a precious stone whose colours range from dark purple to hues of blue and pink-violet.
It is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Siberia and the Far East.
Since ancient times, Amethyst symbolises deep love, sincerity, wealth and happiness.
It is supposed to help balance the body in stressful times and to make its wearer gentle and amiable.
The ancient greek and romans swore on its ability to prevent oneself from being intoxicated after a few drinks
and coined its name: Amethyst basically means ‚clear-minded‘.
Medieval soldiers wore amulets with Amethyst to keep them cool-headed. 
Jewellery with an Amethyst is traditionally given on 4th, 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries
The Amethyst is the Birthstone of February.

The Amethysts have a substantial diameter of 12 mm.
The oval Silver sculpture is 25 mm by 15 mm and the round one is 11 mm in diameter.
The necklace has a total length of 44.5 cm.