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CLAW OF A CRAB | Silver spoon with crab's claw on a twig

CLAW OF A CRAB | Silver spoon with crab's claw on a twig
  • Available: 1
  • Unique No: 1649

This silver spoon is a twig with a crab’s claw, also known as chela or pincer, on top.
Handcrafted from Sterling Silver and a Yorkshire twig it looks great in a sugar bowl.
The crab claw has been cast directly from a portuguese crab.
The back of the spoon features a unique texture.
A lovely gift for someone who seems to already have everything.
On request it can be gold plated for you.

The total length of the spoon is 10.8cm.
The twig is 3.6mm thick.
The rabbit is 26mm long.
The spoon bowl has a diameter of 14.2mm.

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