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 This is a pair of adorable seahorses hand cast in Sterling Silver, made to order. They’re a new addition to my 'Under Water’ collection celebrating the beauty of sea creatures. Did you know the species seahorse, Hippocampus, actually means horse caterpillar or horse sea monster. The technique of casting I use renders a high detail of the original. There is a matching ..
 This necklace is handmade using pure Sterling Silver. It features sclice of an eucalyptus fruit as a pendant that has been cast in solid Sterling Silver.I used the original 'KangarooT Trees' - Eucalyptus seedpod given to me by the friendly Grafton Nursery in Worcestershire. They specialise in Eucalyptus, which is an amazing, important and underestimated tree family. I found partic..
This silver spoon is a twig with a rabbit on top. Handcrafted from Sterling Silver and a Yorkshire twig it looks great in a sugar bowl. The sweet rabbit has been carved from wax and the back of the spoon features a unique texture. A lovely gift for someone who seems to already have everything. On request it can be gold plated for you.Measurements: The total length of the spoon is 9cm. Th..
 This striking Tie Pin resembles the vintage image of masculinity in wearing the family's crest. A crest is a form of great support and bravery, showing the confidence of the wearer in the subtlest of ways.It allows a wearer to envisage their own unique family crest and start the journey for the family's history. Superb and fitting to wear at a party, a conference, around the house,..
A pair of elegant cufflinks which resemble the vintage image of masculinity, showing pride and confidence by wearing the family’s crest. To wear at a party, conference, around the house or just when you want to show off.This pair of solid Sterling Silver Cufflinks has a 24ct Gold-plated family crest imprinted on the front and a very characteristic hinge to allow for easy and simple attachment..
This handcrafted solid Sterling Silver ring has the interesting surface texture of a coral. The coral piece was sourced sustainably and cast in Silver at my workshop using the ancient lost wax technique. This is part of the exclusive ‘I am organic - Collection’ which is defined by extraordinarily beautiful natural objects that simply deserve to be cast in precious metals for all eter..
 This is a handmade solid Sterling Silver ring featuring two puffy 3D flower buds. which have been hand sculpted and nestle around your finger gently. The tip of the larger one is solid 9 ct Gold and 9ct Gold was also used in a process called fusing to merge the square profile shank to the buds. Some Gold has been dispersed into the surrounding Silver exuding an elegant shine. The scul..
 This is a handcrafted Sterling Silver necklace featuring a round pendant with a beautiful embossed antique family crest. The crest is plated in 24 carat Gold forming a beautiful tactile relief that you can feel. The pendant is suspended on a bead chain, also known as ball chain, very elegant and trendy.Measurements: The necklace has a width of 2 mm and is 41 cm long in total. The..
This made to order handcrafted Sterling Silver necklace features a round pendant with two hearts that have been embossed. The Hearts are joined and inlaid with 24 carat Gold all forming a beautiful tactile relief. You can actually feel the hearts in total darkness. This is a strong symbol for the bond between two people. The pendant is suspended on a bead chain, also known as ball chain, very ..
This elaborate handmade Sterling Silver ring comprises 21 rings, each and everyone has been singly soldered.21 is the total as a whole. Like a living organism consisting of many parts it feels as one lavish ring. They are all D court shaped and so very comfortable to wear.Measurements: The total shank is 9 mm wide, each individual ring being 1 mm wide and 0.52 mm thick. ..
 You are looking at a smooth and hammered Sterling Silver ring for men.This ring can be worn on the thumb – or any finger really – and the special concave shape gently snugs the middle of the thumb segment and is curved towards the knuckle and bone of the thumb.This contemporary elegant, yet masculine ring has a high polish and wrought finish. Measurements:The rin..
 This is a classic and handmade Sterling Silver ring that symbolises all the twists and turns that life throws at you. It has a square profile that has been turned full circle.Measurements: The shank is 2.1 mm wide.Ringsize: I have made this ring in a UK size J 1/2  (50mm), N (54mm), O1/2 (56mm) and Q (58mm) (inner circumference), that’s a US size 5, 6 1/2, 7 1/2 and..
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