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AAA Smoky Quartz 12x10 checkerboard cabochons set in solid sterling silver frame, all handmade at my workshop in Hessle.The Dream Stone, Smoky Quartz is a brown or black variety of quartz, forming in strong points and clusters. Like silver it can be effective in releasing old, negativity like grief, stress, fear and anxiety. Smoky quartz has a positive strength.Smoky quartz is a powerful ..
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This necklace has the most amazing AAA Smoky Quarz Sphere's alternated with Golden and Silver rings and a massive very beautiful clasp. These perfect crystals are highly polished and beautifully facetted to reflect the light in a sparkling manner. But the eye-catching detail of this ensemble is the AAA Citrine in the shape of a Briolett. This facetted yellow semi-precious stone is encased in a..
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