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Black Jewellery

This cuff has been formed using lava from Portugal, rough on the outside and smooth on the inside. An impressive oval dark blue AAA-Sapphire is set in its Gold vermeil nest. Handcrafted in solid Sterling Silver the cuff it has been plated in Gold and Rhodium- paying homage to the natural forces, shapes and elements of the wonderful creations of our earth.Measurements: As it is basically an..
This is a Black Rhodium plated solid Sterling Silver ring with a matt finish. It has a Court profile shape that is comfortable to wear.The precious metal Rhodium is twice as valuable as Gold and it gives this ring an elegant and outstanding look. It prevents tarnishing of the Silver and is commonly used in plating of white gold in wedding bands for example. Due to a speciality technique it ..
The Chameleon necklace is handcrafted solid Sterling Silver and is also available with a gemstone. It can be oxidised, which is the black Silver, or left in white Silver. Inspiration: This group of reptiles must be one of the most fascinating and inspired me to do this piece. Chameleons are a symbol for adaptation and colourful personalities. They belong to the most ancient and successful ani..
 This bracelet is made of super smooth Cloudy Quartz spheres and features a handcrafted solid Sterling Silver charm. This charm is showing a floral imprint, it’s a rose that is partially 24K Gold-plated. This is the rare grey shaded variety of Cloudy Quartz. It is used in traditional healing for detoxification and is said to help with nightmares.Measurements: The bracelet is elast..
 This Pearl ring is a geometric construction handcrafted of Black Rhodium plated Sterling Silver. It balances an extraordinarily high quality white round freshwater Pearl, the quality rating is AAA. The ring consists of an inside round frame and an edgy outside frame, where the top plays the platform for the single round white Pearl.The sparkling beauty of the Pearl has been cherish..
 Here you see genuine Sterling Silver ear studs in the shape of a round concave lens with a flower ornament pattern. They are fine and subtle, yet look three-dimensional. The polished, slightly elevated lines are contrasted against the black oxidised and matte Silver surface. Classic design for the evening dress and at the same time very appropriate to wear at the office.Measuremen..
 This is a handmade solid Sterling Silver ring with a natural rough free form Diamond with 9 carat yellow Gold sides and a rectangular shank. The piece was created at my workshop in East Yorkshire. The organic and natural look and its slight variations only adds to its uniqueness and beauty, which sets it apart from today’s mass produced items. All my Diamonds are conflict-free d..
This is a necklace with three strands of grey speckled Labradorites in the exquisite quality AAA that are connected by Gold chain links. These little gemstones have certain spots that shimmer in the colours of the rainbow, especially in blue and green. Each gem has been meticulously hand linked with Gold vermeil wire using the Crescendo technique. It..
This sweet Ring is a new favourite of mine. I get my inspiration out of nature's beauty. The other day I found these little seed pods in the North Yorkshire Wolds forest and cast them in pure Sterling Silver. I think they look like enchanted mushrooms. I created a ring out of them in two varieties: One I gave a whitish finish and the other one a blackened. Decide which one you let yourself g..
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