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These are handcrafted Sterling Silver cufflinks with real Peacock Pearls. Colour hues of purple and blue alternate in these naturally grown jewels. Due to their ideal shape they are called button pearls. Fastened to a robust Rolo-style chain, these cufflinks embody masculinity and show attention to detail.Measurements: The button Peacock Pearls have a diameter of 10.3mm. The cuf..
Ex Tax:170€
These Gold vermeil ear studs each feature an extraordinary oval Tanzanite. Their clarity and beautiful Diamond cut makes them sparkle luxuriously. They have been handcrafted in Sterling Silver and then plated with 2.5microns of 24 carat Gold. A Tanzanite is rarer than a Diamond and it is the birthstone of December.Measurements: The Tanzanites are 4.9mm long and 3.6mm wide...
Ex Tax:124€
Each individual link of this lavish Gold necklace has been handcrafted into unique circles. Luxuriously sized and extraordinarily cut faceted Amethysts reflect the light in a lush variety of purple tones. These nineteen onion-shaped African Amethysts are joined by two glowing yellow Citrines in a beautiful drop-shaped flat cut. All 21 precious stones in this necklace have the exquisite quality ..
Ex Tax:1,700€
Clear and distinctively, in these ear studs two square-cut Amethysts are set in Gold. They are beautifully facetted and have the exquisite quality AAA. Uniquely handcrafted of solid 9ct Yellow Gold and in my gold smithing studio in Yorkshire.The Amethyst is a precious stone whose colours range from dark purple to hues of blue and pink-violet. It is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Siberia a..
Ex Tax:210€
 This handcrafted necklace comprises stunning large Amethysts spheres with two Sterling Silver nest sculptures. These have been inspired by the nests of the fascinating weaver birds, which are both threedimensional and light. The Amethysts are beautifully facetted and rated AAA due to their superior quality. This unique necklace features a sophisticated polished magnetic bead clasp whi..
Ex Tax:360€
 This necklace features distinctive freeform shaded Citrines with clear, yet smooth edges. Two wonderful Amethysts complement the pastel colour range. These chunky nuggets are substantial in size and their exceptionally clear AA+ quality enhances the complexion of the wearer. The necklace closes with a Gold vermeil twisted T-toggle. Gold vermeil is Sterling Silver with a notable layer..
Ex Tax:300€
 The stunningly blue precious stone at the centre of this necklace is a Tanzanite.Made to order for you. It is surrounded by 22 diamonds set in a backdrop of Black Rhodium. The back of this pendant, which is crafted from Sterling Silver, is plated with 24ct Gold. The beautiful chain is 9ct solid yellow Gold. The Tanzanite in the quality AAA has been facetted to sparkle luxuriously..
Ex Tax:860€
 This out of the ordinary necklace comprises faceted Amethysts as roundels shaded in all of its hues of purple. The Amethysts are rated AAA due to their superior quality. It features an asymetrical clasp with a hand carved sculpture that depicts a bird on a twig reaching for some petals. All hand cast in genuine Sterling Silver.Amethyst is a semi-precious stone whose colours range ..
Ex Tax:169€
 This exclusive necklace features a large hand carved Amethyst in the shape of fish and is made of solid 9ct Gold. The fish sculpture is made of a single high quality African Amethyst in the colour Deep Purple, which is 100% natural and untreated.Amethyst is a semi-precious stone whose colours range from dark purple to hues of blue and pink-violet. It is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, ..
Ex Tax:481€
 These playful earrings feature exclusive hand carved Amethysts in the shapes of fish. The metal of the hooks and bail is solid 9ct Gold.The fish sculptures are made of high quality African Amethysts in the colour Deep Purple and are 100% natural and untreated.Amethyst is a semi-precious stone whose colours range from dark purple to hues of blue and pink-violet. It is found in B..
Ex Tax:504€
 For this necklace I cast a vertebrae bone of a mink from an old collection in Sterling Silver. I love natural shapes and I couldn’t have imagined a more stunning shaped sculpture. It carries a Freshwater Button Peacock Pearl, which shimmers in the most amazing purple and blue colours and has an excellent lustre. The high quality Sterling Silver chain has been rhodium plated...
Ex Tax:195€
Elegant Sterling Silver Ring with a beautifully facetted oval Brazilian Amethyst. Due to the open setting of the stone you can see the reflection of the stone on the skin below. The highly polished shank was adorned with little round holes that permits the skin shining through. The colours of this semi-precious stone range from dark purple to hues of blue and pink-viole..
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